Your Node has to be a LINK or REPEATER for CW and Voice Features.

You could establish a Link / Repeater that PC users could
connect to, and stream CW over the Internet so that it
would act as a CW GATEWAY for non RF users that
can NOT use this software.

You set the SPEED / PITCH / LEVEL as described above.

If Someone appends the EQUAL SIGN (=) to CHAT TEXT...
The TEXT will be spelled Alpha-Numerically by K1RFD Voice.

It will also KEY your RF LOCAL Transmitter... You will hear Chat Text.

If Someone appends the GREATER THAN SIGN (>) to TEXT
The TEXT will be SENT as CW on your NODE.

The Speed is controlled by your IDENT setting.

Your PRE-PROGRAMMED CW ID should remain preserved.

A node that connects to YOU does not need this software to send
CW or VOICE. He simply adds ">" or "=" to his Chat Text.

In order to play out CW or VOICE the START must be clicked.

LOCAL and REMOTE operation is available.

You might not hear the distant CW or VOICE if that node is running
this software. It all depends on how his NODE is configured.

Because of all the different Operating Systems / Interfaces /
Sound Card settings... You will need to EXPERIMENT!
N 8 A D 's    C W _ B O T
For EchoLink PC's (-L & -R)