How to load ECHOLINK-100 / ARTiE on Windows 7
I installed Eq-100 on a fresh Windows 7. - working fine.......

1.  Downloaded and installed Echolink.

2. Ran Echolink.

3. Ran Art-setup.bat as ADMIN   -----  NOTE: if i run Art-setup.bat as a regular user it did not
like it. - had errors.

4. Ran Setup as REGULAR normal user.

5. Ran Eq100 as regular user - just by double clicking... and it ran up fine..

NOTE: if i run Art-setup.bat as a regular user it did not like it. - had errors.

Here is the website that has the latest version of AutoIt 3.3.6 for Windows 7.

When the INSTALLER for EQ-100 tells you that there is a newer version already installed,
you may want to keep the Latest and Greatest for Windows 7, rather than the older version
included by me before Windows 7 was written.
This SECOND section is how VE1BWV did it on W 7 - Pro
The FIRST SECTION is for Windows 7 Premium
I have had problems getting
Windows 7 to do what I
wanted it to do...

I also kept getting the same

This was the Solution I have
found that seems to work...

It involves Opening
"ALL" Firewalls.

Evidently, since EchoLink,
MixW and ARTiE all hook
together, they have to be
opened up, even if they are
on the same Computer.

I do not use other
Anti-Spyware programs like
Norton, etc... If you do, then
it is up to you to work
around them.

If you are building a remote
base for others to use via
EchoLink, then you must
use this procedure to open
MixW and ARTiE.

EchoLink seems to work
properly without any extra
setup work needed.

All programs needed to be
run with "Administrator
Privileges" on my W7
Premium Computer.

Good Luck / N8AD
You can use this information
to set up any program that
needs to  "hook"  to other
programs through your
Windows 7 Firewall.

MixW for Example needs to
be opened up to connect to

If you are getting
this will possibly rectify it.